Tünkers saves money and time with rema’s E1 clamping system

Bernd Hartung wanted to make quality assurance more efficient for automation specialist Tünkers in Ratingen. Because this should happen efficiently for the Technical Purchasing Manager, among other things procuring the required measurement technology had to be accurate and cost-effective. "That was quite a challenge, because often the prices are already somewhat higher just because measurement technology is written on some components."


Each month, Tünkers spot checks several thousand housing parts in different versions, "depending on the supplier the proportion of the parts to be measured is 3 to 10 percent," says Hartung, nearly 100 percent ending up loaded on the measuring machine.


Tünkers needed a suitable clamping system for smooth and efficient test sequences on the Wenzel LH65 coordinate measuring machine. "By chance, we came across E1, have procured the first two case sets, and could thus create suitable clamping devices for some parts," says Hartung. Quality control inspector Kevin Gloyna built a tensioning device for each recurring part from the base plate and matching components, which since then is available for each respective measurement process required. "That saves a lot of time: Put the part on, clamp it, and you're done," says Gloyna, pleased.


In addition, the quality inspector discovered by using E1 "gradually more and more possibilities, we have learned much more with the system." Hartung also persuaded the technical buyer about the "unrivaled low price of the system," so along with the enclosures Tünkers measures many more parts on E1 tensioners, such as pivot pins, rollers, sprockets and clamping arms. For quality control inspector Gloyna, the system has been proven in use: "The system is modular and therefore very flexible. In practice, it is really easy to handle."


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